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Searching the Web

How to Search the Open & Deep Web, workshop material

Guide Outline

Books at DKL

Here are some books about conducting Internet research that are available at Dudley Knox Library.  For more titles, search BOSUN, the library's online catalog.Try using the subject phrase "Internet searching" or "Web search engines"

Introduction to WWW Searching

Information on the Internet is:

  • decentralized - thousands of networks are involved
  • disorganized - no central index or database exists
  • dynamic - changing every minute of every day
  • expanding rapidly
  • not subject to traditional pre-publication checks and balances
  • not always authentic or accurate
  • not always predictable - resources can disappear or change suddenly

Searching tools and techniques are:

  • numerous and varied
  • not standardized
  • constantly changing

[Concisely stated by Murray Nicholson]

So...How can you search it

  • Effectively?
  • Efficiently?
  • Reliably?

This guide will help you improve your searching technique and know WHERE to go for WHAT

Web Search in Plain English

A short video explaining the basics of how web search engines operate and how to search effienciently.

For more information, visit the creators:

Internet vs. Web

definitions of these terms.

Why it matters


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