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Resources to find reports relevant to GSBPP researchers

DTIC Online

The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) indexes and abstracts defense-related government-sponsored scientific and technical reports. Most reports published since the late '90's are available as pdf files.

The link below provides access to their public search as well as to the R&E Gateway, which has an enhanced interface and provides access to additional documents not available on the public site.  We encourage our U.S. students, faculty and staff to register for the R&E Gateway. Click on Login/Register or Search DoD Technical Reports to register.

Find Public NPS Technical Reports

GAO "Defense Acquisitions: Assessments of Selected Weapon Programs"

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) produces an annual report "Defense Acquisitions:  Assessments of Selected Weapon Programs." Links to the pdf files for the most recent years are below. 

Congressional Research Service (CRS)

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is a division of the Library of Congress that produces analytical, non-partisan reports. Unfortunately, they do not maintain a public website. See our guide below for links to many free and subscription sites where you can find CRS reports. You can also request print copies from your Congressional Representative. 

CRS reports are often updated, so try to find the most recent version using the resources in our guide. 

 Congressional Research Service

Our guide to finding CRS reports.

CRS Report: Using Data to Improve Defense Acquisitions

CRS Report: Defense Acquisitions: How and Where DOD Spends Its Contracting Dollars

This periodically updated report "examines how much money DOD obligates on contracts, what DOD is buying, and where that money is being spent. It also examines the extent to which these data are sufficiently reliable to use as a factor when developing policy or analyzing government operations." 

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Other Sites for Finding Defense-Related Reports

Government and other agencies produce a variety of defense-related reports that are relevant to research in GSBPP curricula. The Library owns SOME, and many are freely available on the Internet. Below are some agencies that produce defense-related reports.

DoD Annual Report "Performance of the Defense Acquisition System"

DoD produced these reports on the performance of the defense acquisition system annually, 2013-2016.

New RAND Reports on National Security

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