Annual Report 2011

FY2011 in Review

Welcome to the FY11 Annual Report for the Dudley Knox Library at the Naval Postgraduate School (covering Academic and Fiscal Year October 2010-September 2011).   Throughout this report you will find examples of our accomplishments and full Team reports can be found under the Strategic Planning tab.  These stories and data illustrate the dedication of the Dudley Knox Library staff in providing discovery and access to appropriate content coupled with library-supported patron-centric systems and services that are available 7 days a week in inviting physical and virtual spaces.

FY11 was a fantastic year with our continued emphasis on creating the best patron experience to support NPS learning, research and teaching, anytime/anywhere. Our year began during National Archives Month with the formal dedication of the first NPS Special Collections and Archives (SCA) department.  Growing out of 100 years of NPS history, accomplishments, and artifacts, DKL assembled a Team of talented library and information professionals to gather this evidence; preserve and present it for future generations; and set policies and procedures to capture the next 100 years.   A gala dedication attracted NPS faculty and staff as well as local archivists, community members, and persons affiliated with NPS since the days of the Hotel Del Monte.  SCA provides a new level of service to the NPS community, shining a positive light on NPS heritage.  Many NPSers and outside scholars spent time with us researching topics as well as contributing materials for the collections and stories for “the record.”  SCA documents and celebrates NPS contributions to the Navy, local community, and the world at large.

Other transformations took place in DKL as our planning efforts and phased implementation improved “library as place.”  Vital new collaborative spaces (some with VTC and A/V capabilities); enhanced access to data and power; clear and concise signage; more spacious workstations; and a focus on “mobile” (from furnishings to webpages) created an Information Commons that is the heart of DKL.  The physical Library provides a welcoming place where DKL staff and patrons work side-by-side use library systems and tools to explore information resources from our collections. The virtual Library websites provide assisted- or self-directed tools and content 24/7 for anytime/anywhere access.  We even created the Naval Postgraduate School's first mobile website  Mobile DKL featuring great information and a neat app that lets patrons check which computers are available as they enter or travel to the Library.  Amazing how much time it saves our busy students!

With permission from our architect and the talent of one of our CSUMB capstone students, we created a new logo and associated branding package that unifies "Dudley Knox Library as Place" -- bringing our physical and virtual worlds together in an identifiable manner.  It even spawned a Comic Book character!   

New DKL Logo horizontal

In addition to contributions from our terrific DKL staff, we engaged NPS and local students to help us design the right mix of services to meet NPS student needs.  Human Systems Integration students helped us “map out the Library” from the students' perspective from which we were able to  redesign and install new signage and way finding guides.  The entire student body tested chairs and tables to select the most patron-friendly mobile solutions that they can now move around to work independently or collaboratively.  Routine communications with the library liaison to the President’s Student Council kept us apprised of their issues.  Working together we were able to add 6 more nights of extended hours so students had more access to quiet study space before and during finals.  In fact, the Chairman of the President’s Student Council devoted his entire April 2011 NPS Update column to the Library (in an issue that also contains a profile of our San-Diego embedded librarian)! 

Other talent comes to our Teams in the form of temporary employees who are also students at local colleges and universities.  We currently have superb team members who are also studying at California State University at Monterey Bay, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, Monterey Peninsula College, and Western Governor's University.  These students bring vital new skills and fresh perspective to our projects and we in turn welcome them to our team and give them ample opportunity to test the theories they learn in the classroom by applying concepts to our real world library.  In FY11 we had 3 active undergraduate capstone projects underway through this program:  DKL Branding; Calhoun, the NPS Institutional Archive; and new historic walking tour brochures of the former Hotel Del Monte and associated properties.   

We mixed things up a bit with existing staff--reassigning people to new positions; sharing and cross-training staff; and even moving people physically within their teams and the building. We successfully recruited 4 new librarians and several library technicians adding to each of our teams.  Fresh ideas help ongoing projects move forward in exciting and innovative ways.  Change can be hard but DKL, as do all academic libraries, exists in a scholarly environment of constant change.  We embrace change and thrive as we explore new ways to reach out to and assist our patrons.

Speaking of outreach, we made a concerted effort in FY11 to reach out to our distance learning students, who now represent about 32% of our student body.   All of our Research and Assistance librarians jumped at the opportunity to experiment and were they ever successful  Throughout this report you will see how we reached more students, offered more classes, taught person-to-person, via VTC and Eluminate, and created a host of new products and tools to help them help themselves to our resources and services.  

In this report you also learn about 2 significant initiatives to improve discovery of and access to NPS-created scholarly content.  Calhoun, the NPS Institutional Archive, is named for NPS's first professor (who's early publication--NPS's first--remains in print to this day) and will be the institutional repository and delivery tool for NPS scholarly publications, student capstones, institutional reports, and more.  In our Classified environment we created the Controlled Access Catalog to help NPS authorized faculty, students and staff locate NPS-created limited distribution reports.

In closing, FY11 was indeed a great year for Dudley Knox Library and we are already busy pushing forward through FY12!

Eleanor S. Uhlinger

University Librarian

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Celebrating NPS Astronauts

DKL celebrated NPS's proud heritage of educating more astronauts than any other US university by joining the final flight of Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-133).

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