Annual Report 2012

The Dudley Knox Library's Annual Report for 2012

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Dudley Knox Library contributes to learning, research and teaching -- anytime, anywhere -- through relevant and evolving collections, tools, services, and spaces designed for NPS patrons of today and tomorrow.

Strategic Goals:

Select and provide Scholarly Content relevant to NPS instructional and research needs
Promote Seamless Access and remove barriers to collections, people, and services
Create Learner-Centered physical and virtual Spaces
Assure Institutional Memory through a centralized repository for the NPS scholarly record and archival materials



The Dudley Knox Library is a dynamic and collaborative partner with members of the NPS community that is dedicated to advancing knowledge through integrated resources, responsive services, library instruction, and research assistance. We work collegially to promote NPS’s position as a top-tier graduate-level teaching and research institution that fosters lifelong learning. DKL is a flexible, agile organization that measures and continually assesses our quality, relevance and effectiveness as we support the NPS strategic plan.

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FY12 in Review

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The staff of the Dudley Knox Library continued to deliver highly-valued content, programs, and services that garnered the highest customer satisfaction ratings from NPS students, faculty and staff as well as from alumni and visitors from around the globe.    

Throughout the DKL FY12 annual report you will see examples, facts and figures about our many activities.  For example …


  • We added more digital content for 24/7 access, as we withdrew tens of thousands of dusty print volumes, removed shelving, and created more patron study and interactive spaces.
  • DKL developed and released mobile and online discovery and access tools that directly responded to patron feedback that our “systems” were too difficult to use. 
  • We improved backend systems for managing our many internal processes and workflows, as well as our library systems and servers.
  • We worked closely with faculty and students to conduct web usability and needs assessments.  Web page modifications and products like point papers, library impact statements and topical subject guides were created in response to these findings.
  • We significantly expanded outreach efforts to NPS classroom, online, and distance learning spaces; NPS and external events; and field experiments to meet patrons where they are…rather than making them “come” to the Library.  We saw positive results from focused outreach to distance learning faculty and students in collaboration with the: Center for Educational Design, Delivery and Distribution (CED3); Center for Homeland Defense and Security; Executive Masters of Business Administration; and Systems Engineering programs. 
    These efforts enabled DKL staff and patrons to work collaboratively side-by-side, synchronously and asynchronously, to utilize library systems and tools to explore information resources from our collections.  In so doing we continued to teach and empower our patrons to interact with content, library staff, and each other in dynamic and effective ways—promoting current success and critical thinking/lifelong learning skills. 
  • DKL gathered, processed and organized a significant number of NPS records of enduring value:  from theses and dissertations to technical reports and institutional publications as well as the personal papers of Distinguished Professor and Retired US Navy Captain Wayne P. Hughes, Jr. and the research papers of American historian Russell Stolfi (which contain taped interviews of WWII German Panzer commanders).  DKL collaborated with campus content creators, DTIC® (Defense Technical Information Center), and the 501(c)(3) Internet Archive to openly and transparently improve global access to NPS scholarly content. 
    These collaborations preserve important scholarly records and allow DKL to provide robust systems and services for discovery of and access to NPS scholarship and heritage materials (many of which are online and/or will be displayed in the NPS Welcome and History Center, opening in 2013).

  • DKL staff actively contributed to Library and NPS committees as well as local and national professional organizations and activities.
  • We supported organizational changes across the institution as well as within the Library.   DKL updated many of our position descriptions, which provided new opportunities for current staff and recruited new talent and ideas for appropriate vacancies.  We congratulated our long-standing student employees as they graduated from local colleges and, with valuable lessons and practices gained at DKL/NPS, moved to their first post-graduate professional positions.  

In summary, DKL made and embraced change and we thrived as we constantly explored new ways to reach out to patrons and be the best that the award-winning Dudley Knox Library could be!