Annual Report 2013

Dudley Knox Library Annual Report FY 2013

FY13 Library in Review

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FY13 was a year of incredible change, consolidation and growth ... for the Dudley Knox Library (DKL) as well as for the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) as an institution.  We remained focused on our commitment to providing superb services and content to promote learning, instruction and scholarly research activities of our graduate student-officers from US military and allied nations. 


In addition to our Naval Postgraduate School activities, library staff were active professionally in local, regional and national library organizations.  We participated in a Library of Congress-sponsored collection analysis comparing our library holdings to those of other major national libraries and the Hathi Trust.  This analysis demonstrated the uniqueness of federal library collections and their incredible value in supporting US federal government activities.  The University Librarian is also working on a Library of Congress/FEDLINK Strategic Sourcing Initiative to improve the process for federal acquisitions of costly STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics / management / medicine) content.


Throughout this annual report you will see examples, facts and figures about DKL's many activities in 2013. 


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Eleanor Uhlinger, University Librarian

January 2014

FY13 Team Annual Reports

Detailed reports provide additional information to the highlights in this report.

Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Demographics

The mission of the Naval Postgraduate School is to provide relevant and unique advanced education and research programs to increase the combat effectiveness of commissioned officers of the naval service to enhance the security of the United States. In support of the foregoing, and to sustain academic excellence, foster and encourage a program of relevant and meritorious research which both supports the needs of Navy and Department of Defense (DoD) while building the intellectual capital of Naval Postgraduate School  faculty. [OPNAVINST 5450.210D /  3/30/2012]

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Dudley Knox Library contributes to learning, research and teaching -- anytime, anywhere -- through relevant and evolving collections, tools, services, and spaces designed for NPS patrons of today and tomorrow.

Strategic Goals:

  1. Select and provide Scholarly Content relevant to NPS instructional and research needs
  2. Promote Seamless Access and Remove Barriers to collections, people, and services
  3. Create Learner-Centered physical and virtual Spaces
  4. Assure Institutional Memory through a centralized repository for the NPS scholarly record and archives


The Dudley Knox Library is a dynamic and collaborative partner with members of the NPS community that is dedicated to advancing knowledge through integrated resources, responsive services, library instruction, and research assistance. We work together to promote NPS’s position as a top-tier graduate-level teaching and research institution that fosters lifelong learning. DKL is a flexible, agile organization that measures and continually assesses our quality, relevance and effectiveness as we support the NPS strategic plan.

DKL In the News

Greta Marlatt received the 2012 I LOVE MY LIBRARIAN award at a moving ceremony at the New York Times Center in New York City.  Ten librarians from across the US were honored with this award conferred by the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the New York Times.

Greta was nominated for this award by faculty from several NPS departments and a dozen of her Homeland Security students showed up at the ceremony.  During her acceptance speech, she asked her students to stand up to be recognized for their service to NY and the nation.

Watch Greta's interview: