Annual Report 2014

Annual Report 2014

FY14 Library in Review







© Lisa Jardine, Photographer; Kirsty Rolfe, Baker.  Used with permission.

FY14 was the year we did our very best to keep the cookies from crumbling!

And, we succeeded ... against substantial odds (federal government shutdown; Continuing Resolution with subsequent budget cuts; contractual delays that gapped access to scholarly content; and significant staff vacancies). Through it all, we remained focused on improving the "user experience" and connecting library patrons with the scholarly resources and services they needed to succeed.

FY14 saw good progress on major Library initiatives such as: improved metadata and more effective discovery tools; access to a growing collection of NPS-created content with permanent URLs; creation of finding aids for hidden "special collections"; thousands of updated links to eBooks and eJournals for faster access to content 24/7; and significant interactions with resident and distance-learning focus groups that led to a complete redesign of the Library website (launched in December 2014).

Student use of the Library is up 19% over 2013 (that is about 49,000 more patrons!).

DKL continued to transform itself in response to the changing needs of our adult learners.  Because most of our students are accompanied by their families, the Library is a refuge where students can work individually or collaboratively without interruptions from or disruptions to their families.

Skilled library professionals guided and instructed resident and distance-learning students about the increasing complexity of discovering and accessing scholarly information resources required for the students’ educational endeavors in both “public release” as well as “restricted through classified” subject areas.  A successful partnership with the Graduate Writing Center (GWC) provided academic writing classes and consultations with resident and distance-learning students 7 days a week.

The Library added more flexible spaces and updated technology for individual and group collaborative study spaces (which were used more than 8,000 hours in FY14). On the second floor we removed stacks, rearranged Special Collections and increased flexible student-study space while also giving greater visibility to our rare books and archival materials.  The Lower Level Design Sp@ce saw a lot of action and we continue to be unique in academia by providing authorized library patrons with specialized “restricted through SECRET” individual and collaborative work spaces and associated equipment.

Librarians continued to be liaisons and partners with NPS faculty -- supporting their instruction and research needs.  Librarians created new research guides and reached out with new seminars about researcher visibilty and public access to federally-funded research results. We were prepared to collaborate with the NPS Research Board to meet public-access mandates because Calhoun, the NPS institutional archive is already providing access to NPS-created scholarly content and research data!

Finally, DKL proudly supported student volunteers from the Monterey Chapter of the National Naval Officer's Association and US Army Defense Language Institute (DLI) who used the Library Saturday mornings (from September through June) to tutor local K-12 students.  We thank NPS/DLI students for sharing their time and talents with local youth.  This is part of the circle of lifelong learning that DKL and NPS are all about.

Throughout this annual report you will see examples, facts and figures about DKL's many activities. We welcome your feedback!


Eleanor Uhlinger, University Librarian

January 2015


Dudley Knox Library contributes to learning, research and teaching -- anytime, anywhere -- through relevant and evolving collections, tools, services, and spaces designed for NPS patrons of today and tomorrow.

Strategic Goals:

  1. Select and provide Scholarly Content relevant to NPS instructional and research needs
  2. Promote Seamless Access and Remove Barriers to collections, people, and services
  3. Create Learner-Centered physical and virtual Spaces
  4. Assure Institutional Memory through a centralized repository for the NPS scholarly record and archives


The Dudley Knox Library is a dynamic and collaborative partner with members of the NPS community that is dedicated to advancing knowledge through integrated resources, responsive services, library instruction, and research assistance. We work together to promote NPS’s position as a top-tier graduate-level teaching and research institution that fosters lifelong learning. DKL is a flexible, agile organization that measures and continually assesses our quality, relevance and effectiveness as we support the NPS strategic plan.

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