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National Security Affairs Students

Writing Help from an Instructor:

Helen Anderson is a senior lecturer in National Security Affairs who teaches NS3011:  Research and Writing for National Security Affairs.

“In addition to working with the students in my classes, I am available to help NSA students with research and writing issues.  I can assist students in understanding and repairing problem areas in papers and can direct students to resources for writing and research.”

Helen Anderson

Contact info available through NPS Outlook


NS3011:  Research and Writing for National Security Affairs   (4-0) Quarterly   

Required for all incoming NSA students

This course provides students with the basic tools to understand and produce research in relevant areas of history, social science and policy analysis. The general objectives of the course are to make you a more critical reader and thinker and better writer and researcher. The course is designed to help you with your other classes at NPS, which require you to read and write research papers. The course will also introduce students to basic elements of research design and methodology. In addition, the course will provide information on the thesis process at NPS. By the end of the course, every student should be able to produce a well-designed and well-written research paper or thesis. Prerequisite: None


U.S. Students
You are welcome to contact the Thesis Processing Office for editing help, and may choose to hire someone from the list of approved editors.  A private agreement between parties establishes payment for services.

International Students
You are eligible to receive free editor services once you are two quarters from graduation.  Check with the Thesis Processing Office.  Costs are covered by the Program.