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Defense Analysis


DA2010 Technical Writing and English Composition (4-0) Winter

This course provides a review of the rhetorical and grammatical principles necessary for successful academic writing. Course content emphasizes standard English grammar and syntax, as well as mastery of two rhetorical modes: comparison and contrast; and persuasion. Emphasis is also placed on the correct use of both parenthetical and traditional footnote notation and documentation for traditional and electronic sources. Prerequisite: None.

DA3010 Technical Writing and English Composition II (4-0) Fall

This course provides an in-depth analysis of the rhetorical principles applied in effective academic writing. Course content emphasizes rhetorical analysis, research, formal academic documentation, and a further review of English grammar and syntax. This course is writing intensive and intended to further the principles introduced in DA2010. Prerequisite: DA2010.


U.S. Students
You are welcome to contact the Thesis Processing Office for editing help, and may choose to hire someone from the list of approved editors.  A private agreement between parties establishes payment for services.

International Students
You are eligible to receive free editor services once you are two quarters from graduation.  Check with the Thesis Processing Office.  Costs are covered by the Program.