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Unmanned Systems (UxS)

In support of the NPS Consortium for Robotics and Unmanned Systems Education and Research (CRUSER) Program

Useful Search Terms

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  • Autonomous
  • Drone aircraft
  • Human assisted
  • Remote*
    • piloted vehicles
    • remote-controlled model aircraft
    • operated vehicles
  • Robotics (robot*)
  • Uninhabited (UK)
    • combat vehicles
    • military vehicles
  • Unmanned
    • Aircraft System - UAS
    • Aerial/Aircraft Vehicles - UAVs
    • Combat Air System - UCAS
    • Ground Vehicles - UGVs
    • Mobile Vehicles - UMVs
    • Surface Vehicles - USVs
    • Undersea Vehicles - UUVs
    • Underwater Vehicles - UWVs
  • Unmanned Systems (UxS)

Key Word Stone Soup

Key Word Stone Soup
Unmanned Systems: 7 votes (33.33%)
UxS: 7 votes (33.33%)
Autonomous Systems: 5 votes (23.81%)
other: add to comments: 2 votes (9.52%)
Total Votes: 21

Table of Contents

Military databases, engineering databases, articles of interest, etc.
Web Resources
DoD sites & documents, UxS websites, articles, reports, videos, etc.
Library holdings, ebooks, highlighted UxS books, etc.
Publications, theses, news, etc.

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