Historic Hotel Del Monte

The Hotel Del Monte, now home to the Naval Postgraduate School, was one of the world's leading resorts in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Historic postcards

Postcard image of the hotel

Postcards from the late 19th to early 20th Century in the Charette Collection capture the style and grace of Hotel Del Monte and reveal the humor and sensibilities of hotel guests. The Dudley Knox Library archives holds other hotel ephemera including publications, guides and employee newsletters.


Ornate 1887 door hinge

This ornate 1887 door hinge shows the artistic details of the early Hotel Del Monte architecture.

Hotel Del Monte - The World's Most Elegant Seaside Resort

Guest Book Cover 1910. Woman at the beach.
Cover photo, 1910 Hotel Del Monte guest booklet.

Hotel Del Monte was the catalyst for Monterey's modern-day tourism industry and a trendsetter in the development of sports and recreation. At its zenith, Hotel Del Monte encompassed 20,000-acres spread across the Monterey Peninsula. Guests included American presidents; world leaders; industrialists and business executives; famous artists, poets, musicians, dancers, comedians, film stars and other notables.

The visionaries who established and shaped the resort, Charles Crocker and Sam Morse, created an enduring legacy. This guide offers a glimpse at the remarkable history of "The World's Most Elegant Seaside Resort" and its transformation into the Naval Postgraduate School and Pebble Beach Company.

Hotel Del Monte Guide Books and Marketing Brochures

The pocket-sized, 1910 Hotel Del Monte Guide Book (cover shown above) provided a compact tour and excursion booklet for early automobilists and Hotel Del Monte guests. It was replaced by less expensive publications such as the attached 1920 and 1926 bifold marketing brochures.

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Hotel preservation

Photo of renovated Roman Plunge at Naval Postgraduate School

Additional resources

There are several excellent archives in the Monterey area that have unique Hotel Del Monte holdings. Following is a short list of those archives that are readily accessible to the public.