Database Training

Basic Getting Started Tutorial

Our very basic tutorial to getting started searching with DTIC.  Also introduces the R&E Gateway, an alternative available to our US students, faculty and staff.

DTIC Search Tips

Access DTIC Online

DTIC has two interfaces.  Both are linked below. DTIC Online is freely available to anyone, anywhere with an internet connection.  DTIC R & E Gateway Access Controlled Search is available to DoD personnel, and requires registration.  It has an enhanced interface and provides access to additional documents not available to the public.

Search Tips

Database Truncator Wildcard Exact Phrase Other Tips
DTIC Online (public) *


"double quotes"

research FAQs

DTIC R&E Gateway (access controlled search) none none "double quotes"

automatic stemming (only in banner search box and keyword search box in Refine Search)

search help (DTIC login required)