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A comprehensive list of the library's Ebooks alphabetically and by subject

By Topic

Business, Management & Economics
Acquisitions, Companies & Industries, Defense Budget, Manpower
Military Technology
Military Equipment & Technology


Computer & Information Sciences
Information Systems, Cybersecurity


Conflict & Military Studies
Defense Analysis, National Security Affairs
Operations Research & Analysis
Cost Estimation, Human Systems Integration


Engineering & Applied Science
Space Systems, Aerospace, Systems Engineering
Physical Science & Mathematics
Physics, Meteorology, Oceanography


Homeland Security
U.S. Policy, Criminal Justice
Political & Social Sciences
Political Science, Social Sciences, Education


International & Area Studies
Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East

Two Ways to Find Ebooks

Search within the full text of ebooks


  1. Choose by topic from the list above.
  2. Pick one of the ebook databases to search.
    You can use specific keywords because you're actually searching within the full text of the ebooks.

    Some ebook sites are a mix of ebooks and journal articles. 
    Look for an 'ebooks' or 'chapter' filter if you want to see just see the ebooks.


Search the library catalog

  1. Search the library catalog using broad, general keywords.  

    Try not to get too specific with your keywords, because you're only searching the title, author, subject, and abstract, not the full text.  

  2. Narrow Search by doing one of the following:
  • Select the Online and Book filters together.  This will filter your results to a list that includes all electronic documents including Ebooks, government documents, etc.

Online and book filters

  • Select the Genre and Electronic books filters together.  This will filter your results to a list of Ebooks only (no free reports,       government documents, etc.)


Genre Ebooks


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