Governance Innovation for Security & Development

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Table of Contents

Start your research of using the framework for stabilization and reconstruction as outlined in US Peace Institute's Guiding Principles for Stabilization and Reconstruction here. Use the Conflict, Peacekeeping & Reconstruction guide information to find articles, books, and more.

Country, military, thematic, topical, etc.
Safe & Secure Environment
Books of interest, framework report documents
Peacekeeping Operations
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) publications, databases, links, etc.
Social Well-Being
Books of interest, framework report documents
UN statistics, online sources, etc.
Stable Governance
Books of interest, framework report documents
Legal Resources
Military law review journals, JAG sites, legal research databases, etc.
Sustainable Economy
Books of interest, framework report documents, related organizations
Organizations supporting peacekeeping & building

Rule of Law
Civil Affairs & rule of law research guide

Publications & sites
Key Journals
Selected journals of interest
Links to the significant databases/search tools for locating scholarly journal articles
Suggestions for places to search for books, both print and electronic
Sources for locating media/news sources

Search Strategies

Remember to try some of these terms to help focus your search:

"civil affairs" "capacity building"
"civil military operations" "Supremacy of the law"
"rule of law"  "culture of lawfulness"
"international regimes" "humanitarian intervention"
"civil society" "mass atrocities"
"legality of war" "human security"
"jus ad bellum" "human rights"