Citation Management with RefWorks 2 (Legacy)

In Text Citations and the Thesis Template

When you enter an in-text citation into the Thesis template with Write-N-Cite you will get this error message Error! Unknown switch argument.

  • Click on the error message and delete the highlighted text.

To prevent this from happening you need to remove Content Control from the Title field on the Cover page, Report Documentation page, and the Title page. To do this you need to use the Developer tab in the Ribbon in Word. To make the Developer tab visible:

  • Right click on the Ribbon
  • Click on Customize the Ribbon
  • On the pop up window mark the check box next to Developer in the right column.
  • Click the OK button.

To remove Content Control from the Title fields:

  • Click on one of the Title fields.
  • On the Developer tab click on Properties.
  • Uncheck the box next to Content control cannot be deleted
  • Right click on the same Title field and click on Remove Content Control

Repeat this for the other two Title fields.


RefWorks cannot connect to your thesis document when it is on the Thesis Processing SharePoint Site. To use Write-N-Cite:

  • Download your document from SharePoint
  • Make your changes
  • Upload the edited document back to the SharePoint site.

Footnote Fonts in the Thesis Template

Write-N-Cite will not enter footnotes in the font size defined by the thesis template. To fix this:

  • Click in one of the footnotes
  • Hit Ctrl-A to highlight all footnotes
  • From the Styles menu click on Footnote Text and Footnote Reference

This will change the footnote text and reference number to the style used in the template. If you Reapply the Output Style it will undo this. So you may want to wait until you are finished with your citations to fix the font size.

To get to the Styles menu click on the arrow in the lower right hand corner of the Styles section of the Home tab in the ribbon. If these styles do not appear in the list, click on Options and choose All styles from the Select styles to show menu.

Removing Field Codes

Before submitting your thesis for Final Review by the Thesis Processors you must remove the coding that links your document to RefWorks. Before you do this make a backup copy that retains the links to RefWorks. To remove the coding:

  • Make a backup copy of your thesis
  • Click on Remove Field Codes in the Write-N-Cite menu
  • Click OK on the popup warning