Citation Management with RefWorks 2 (Legacy)


The latest version of Write-N-Cite called ProQuest for Word is a downloadable Add-in for Microsoft Word for Windows and Mac. Once installed you can link your Word program to your RefWorks database and insert formatted citations and bibliographies into your papers.

Write-N-Cite not Installing

If you are having trouble installing Write-N-Cite please see RefWorks' Installation Troubleshooting guide

I installed Write-N-Cite but it's not showing up!
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Write-N-Cite Disappears

If your Write-N-Cite/ProQuest for Word disappears from your Word (Windows version), follow the instructions in this document.

Important Information re: Office 2016 for Mac Users

Write N Cite/ProQuest for Word does not yet work with Word 2016 for Mac.  If you are considering upgrading to Office 2016 for Mac (or if you have already done so), please read this very important information on Write-N-Cite and Word 2016 for Macs.

Installing Write-N-Cite

  • Login to RefWorks
  • Go to Tools > Write-N-Cite
  • Download the default Write-N-Cite 4 for Mac or Windows
    • For Windows select 32 Bit or 64 Bit depending on which version of Word you have. (In Word click on File/Help to see which version you have).
  • Close Word before installing.
  • If you have trouble with the default download, see Installation Troubleshooting

Once Write-N-Cite is installed in Windows there will be a new tab in the ribbon in Word called ProQuest.

  • Click on the ProQuest tab
  • Make sure refWorks is selected
  • Login to your RefWorks account

 On a Mac a new tool bar will be installed. If you do not see the tool bar:

  • Click on View >Tool Bars
  • Make sure that ProQuest for Word is checked.

Write-N-Cite Tips

Also see tips for working with the NPS Thesis template

To insert page numbers in citations

  • For in-text citations
    • Edit the citation
    • Enter page number in the Suffix field
    • Add spacing and punctuation as needed
  • For a Footnote
    • Edit citation
    • Check Override Pages
    • Enter page number in the following text box
    • Add spacing and punctuation as needed
    • To add a page number to an Ibid enter the page number in the Suffix box

If you make changes to your RefWorks database on the web you need to update the database in Word. If you change a reference that is linked to your paper you also need to Reapply Output Style for those references to update in your paper.

  • Click on Sync My Database
  • Click on Reapply Output Style

If you are using a footnote style and you insert a previously used reference it will automatically add it as an in-text citation. To change this to a footnote:

  • Edit the citation
  • Check the Make Footnote option

If you move text with linked references so that the order of references has changed you need to reapply the output style in order for the references to appear properly in the new order.

  • Click on Reapply Output Style

If you are using Chicago Notes & Bibliography and have inserted your bibliography, Write-N-Cite will not let you edit your footnotes. To edit your footnotes you will have to remove the bibliography.

  • From the Bibliography menu select Remove Bibliography
  • You can now edit your footnotes

If the Write-N-Cite tab disappears from the ribbon in Word it may have been disabled. To reenable:

  • In Word go to the Options menu
    • In Word 2010 this is on the File tab
    • In earlier versions click on the Microsoft Office symbol in the upper left
  • Click on Add-Ins
  • If Write-N-Cite is listed in the Disabled Application Add-Ins list it must be enabled
  • In the Manage drop down menu select Disabled Items
  • Click Go
  • Select Write-N-Cite from the Disable Items list
  • Click on Enable
  • Restart Word

If you are no longer able to access your RefWorks database from Write-N-Cite, the link to your database may have become corrupted. To fix this:

  • Close Word
  • Go to C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Local
    • To see this folder you need to enable Show hidden files and folders in Folder Options
  • Delete all the files beginning with pq. (e.g. pq.db)
  • Open Word
  • Synch with your RefWorks database