Citation Management with RefWorks

Managing Citations

With RefWorks you can manage your research by organizing your citations into folders for your classes, papers, theses, etc.  You can annotate your citations by making notes for each citation and how you plan to use it. You can also annotate the pdf documents you have stored in RefWorks.

Folders in RefWorks

You can create folders and add your citations to those folders to help organize your research.

Create a Folder

  1. Click on the My Folders menu
  2. Click on Add a folder
  3. Give the folder a name
  4. Click Create

 Add Citations to a Folder

  1. Select the citations to add by checking the box next to each reference
  2. Drag and drop the citations on to the folder in the My Folders menu


Adding Personal Notes

You can add personal notes to the records for your citations. You may want to do this to keep track of how you want to use this document in your paper. These personal notes will not appear in the citations in your papers. 

To Add a Personal Note to a Citation

  1. Click on the Pencil icon for a citation
  2. Add your note to the Notes field

Tagging References

Adding tags to references allows you to organize and manage your references across RefWorks folders.  

Adding Tags

  • Select the references to tag
  • Click the Tag icon
  • Enter the new tag name in the search box
  • Click the Save button

Removing Tags

  • Click the Edit icon of the reference you want to edit
  • Click the x next to the tag you want to remove
  • Click Save d

Searching for Tagged References

  • Click on Tags in the left hand navigation
  • Enter the tag in the search box
  • Select a tag to see all references with that tag

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