Citation Management with Zotero

Configure Zotero to easily view the library's online resources, and other tips and tricks specific to NPS users

Get references from the library search into Zotero

It's easy to get citations from the library search into your Zotero library!  

At the record for an individual document (book, article, etc.), use the RIS/Zotero export option.   

  • Click on the RIS/Zotero icon
  • Select Encoding UTF-8
  • Click on download
  • Save the file


  • Click on the downloaded file.  Zotero may automatically open and ask you if you'd like to import it. 
  • If that doesn't happen, then import the file into Zotero manually using Zotero's File/import menu.
  • You can also try dragging the file into Zotero. 

Currently, Zotero only recognizes records in the library search as a "webpage" so using the Save to Zotero icon in the browser connector does not work.

Configure Zotero for easy library full-text lookup

You can configure Zotero to be able to easily determine if the full text of a citation in your Zotero library is available through Dudley Knox Library:

  • Go to your Zotero Preferences
    • ​In Windows: Edit/Preferences
    • In Mac: Zotero/Preferences
  • Click on the Advanced tab
  • Paste this URL into the Resolver box:
  • Click OK (Windows only. In Mac, it will automatically be saved)

Link resolver

Now you will be able to do the following to see if Dudley Knox Library has the full text of the item:

  • While viewing a Collection, in the middle pane, click on the item you want to check.
  • Click on the little green arrow (the Locate icon).
  • Select the Library Lookup option.

Library lookup




Can I use Zotero on NPS library and lab computers?

Zotero is difficult to use on a library or lab computer because it saves your data to the local computer's drive. There is a workaround, however, it requires the use of a flash drive which is not allowed on NPS networked devices. 

Therefore, we recommend that students who choose to use Zotero, use laptops or personally-owned computers.

What to do before you submit your final thesis document

Before submitting your thesis to your thesis processor for final review you must remove the coding that links your Word document to Zotero.  To remove the coding:

  • Important! First, make a backup copy which will retain the links to Zotero.
  • Click on Unlink Citations on the Zotero menu in Word

Unlink citations in Word