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Calhoun, the NPS Institutional Archive, makes NPS work publicly accessible. It is made for searching, sharing and downloading the scholarly, instructional and institutional publications and research products of the NPS community.

2014 Has Been a Great Year

Good news this year for Calhoun:

  • We're up to speed: Calhoun has been updated with a new software version, with a statistics module, list-generating feature and curation tools
  • "Discovery" makes it easy: locate more of the relevant items you need, on every screen of Calhoun: just look to the right
  • Notable new content: Calhoun now includes video, podcasts and software, along with presentations, papers, technical reports, theses and dissertations
  • Constantly growing: Now with over 42,000 fully-cataloged documents in every area of NPS research from Aeronautics to Zimbabwe

NPS authors increasingly point to Calhoun:

  • For links to their archived papers (example)
  • For links to project output (example)
  • For metadata to provide answers about NPS research 
  • For better visibility: Calhoun metadata is interoperable with other institutions' repositories, and is indexed by Google Scholar

NPS and Data Management:

  • This year, NPS has responded to new DoD requirements for public access to data and publications, and Calhoun stands ready.  Outreach to the campus has included a series of presentations for the Research Board to spread the word: the library can help
  • Public Access to Federally Funded Research: With Calhoun, we're already doing it!

    Take a look at some of the year's highlights here.


What's in Calhoun Now?

What kinds of documents are in Calhoun?  Here's a snapshot at year-end:

A Few New Collections Added in FY14

Who's in Calhoun? A Few Top Authors, by the Numbers

Are you in Calhoun? Search Calhoun for your name! 
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New! in Calhoun

This year, Calhoun gained thousands of new publications.  See a few of them here:

Top Collections, 2014

NPS Theses and Dissertations continue to be our most heavily used collection -- no surprise: it's a rich collection.  Take a look at the rising numbers in just the last few months:

Top Ten Calhoun Downloads, Aug.-Oct. 2014

Calhoun was visited by nearly 80,000 unique users in FY2014, with in excess of 500,000 pageviews.

Want to know what the top ten downloads were? These statistics report downloads from August-October, 2014*.

A goal programming approach for determining the force structure of naval surface groups using the analytic hierarchy process (10945/8488) 4650
Designing and prepositioning humanitarian assistance pack-up kits (HA PUKs) to support Pacific fleet emergency relief operations (10945/2480) 3127
Somalia Igad's attempt to restore Somalia's transitional federal government (10945/2503) 3126
The use of social media and smartphone applications for reporting suspicious and criminal activities to mass transit law enforcement agencies  (10945/38918) 2607
A sensitivity study of numerical solutions of the South China Sea ocean model to various grids generated by grid generation technique (10945/7483) 1978
Fundamentals of manipulator calibration (10945/40313) 1833
Cyber Analogies (10945/40037) 1645
A sensitivity study of numerical solutions of the South China Sea ocean model to various grids generated by grid generation technique (10945/7483) 1978
Utilizing Social Media to Further the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative (10945/17436) 1143
NPS Leadership, Local 1690 Establish Labor Management Forum Charter (10945/43589) 410
Creating profiles from user network behavior (10945/37673) 331


*Calhoun was updated to use DSpace 3.2 in August 2014.