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Thesis Writing Guidelines

Thesis Writing Guidelines

  • Define the Advisor and Reader roles; detailing what aspects of content, development, or editorial support they will be providing during the documentation process
  • Create a timeline that details when each component of the paper is required for review (Advisor/Reader/Chair and Thesis Processing), and an estimated completion date that precedes graduation date
  • Select a thesis/dissertation topic that is relevant and provides quality research or experimentation for current and future DoD benefit
  • Create an objective that can be divided into manageable research components: Introduction, Research/Review, Methodology, Analysis of Data, Conclusions, and Recommendations
  • Determine a distribution statement or level of restriction/classification based on topic and content being disseminated; verifying statement with Advisor/Chair
  • Outline a structure, creating an analytical framework, stating methodology, researching a premise, and justifying a theoretical path
  • Develop articulate and concise content from research, experimentation, and review of previous research or projects
  • Follow through with objective and keeping a consistent voice throughout; typically using past and present tense
  • Summarize achievements/conclusions within each chapter, and transitioning to next chapter
  • Use resources correctly; importing images and tables that support the project and validate the research
  • Cite image/table sources correctly

APA — add at end of caption (From author, date)

IEEE — add at end of caption (From [#])

Chicago — add footnote reference at end of caption

  • Using software applications correctly to create mathematical equations (when applicable); sequencing equations to support paper

MathType (verify version based on MS Word version compatibility)

MS Equation Editor (not recommended; does not provide sequencing of equation numbers)

  • Verify correct citation style with the department/curriculum; using style correctly; maintaining references and sources; citing references in text (or footnotes); adhering to current standards and formatting for each style

Citation style links are available on Thesis Processing Web page

  • Develop  a reference list that supports specific citation style and adheres to correct content structure and formatting
  • Follow through with Advisor/Reader suggestions/edits, and Thesis Processing style/formatting requirements
  • Acquire approval and signatures from Advisor/Reader/Chair in a timely manner, using NPS required forms, and providing signed paperwork to Thesis Processing when thesis/dissertation is complete

From the Thesis Processing Office
June 2011