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International Students

International students operate under US copyright law while in the United States; however, the copyright laws of their home country* may apply outside the United States.

Whether you (the author) or your government employer owns the copyright to your work will be determined by the terms of your nation's copyright laws. We suggest you check with your agency for guidance BEFORE you file your capstone/dissertation/thesis.

NPS students and their faculty advisors sign thesis/dissertation/capstone release agreements that permit NPS-student authored works to be distributed to NPS and DoD websites in accordance with the security classification(s) and distribution statement(s) selected by the author(s).

All other rights are reserved by the copyright owner. Reuse of these works is dependent upon the copyright laws of the student's home country. Reuse generally requires permission of the copyright holder, fair use exemptions, or must be in accordance with a Creative Commons license selected by the rights-holder.


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