Copyright at NPS

What is the TEACH Act?

The Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization Act of 2002 (part of Public Law 107-273), known as the TEACH Act, is a section of an Act of the United States Congress. Signed into law by President George W. Bush on November 2, 2002 the TEACH Act clarifies what uses of copyrighted materials are permissible with regard to distance education.

What Media Can I Use in the Classroom?

Video: The TEACH Act and Fair Use

TEACH Act Best Practices

In summary, if instructors and/or institutions wish to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the TEACH Act for using copyrighted materials, they must reasonably:

  • limit access to copyrighted works to students currently enrolled in the class;
  • limit access only for the time needed to complete the class session or course;
  • inform instructors, students, and staff of copyright laws and policies;
  • prevent further copying or redistribution of copyrighted works; and
  • not interfere with copy protection mechanisms

For full details and guidance, see Copyright: Distance Education and the TEACH Act