Satellite Communications

Suggested Sources

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  • Internet (properly documented)

Search Strategies

Search terms to start with:  satellite jam*

  • You may need to try alternative terms such as:

block, disrupt, negation

  • You may need truncation symbols, usually an asterisk (*) or sometimes an exclamation point (!)

jam*     or      jam!

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Library Search

  • Try search terms:  satellite jam*Library Search filters
  • Filter by Newspaper Articles
  • Filter by Date

Library Search

LexisNexis Academic

Try search terms:  satellite jam!
LexisNexis Academic search


Try search terms:  satellite AND jam!

  • Select the News tab
  • Use dropdown to AND your terms together
  • Search in Headline, Lead Paragraph & Indexing for both terms
  • You can select a date range of the previous 5 years
  • Select All English Language News
  • You may get over 3000 results, but you can filter your results with the facets on the left

Nexis search

Jane's IHS Markit

  • In the Basic Search box at the top, try search terms:  satellite jam*
  • Filter on the left by Spacecraft and satellites
  • Then you may want to filter across the top by News/Insight

Jane's search

Jane's filter satellites     Jane's filter news