Book Reviews

Selected sources for book reviews


The following links are selected lists of online tools and hard copy resources providing citations to, excerpts from, or the full text of book reviews of possible interest to NPS personnel. Please note that these lists are not intended to be comprehensive.

Additional sources of book reviews are available to some personnel through DoD service portals and resources at local public libraries.

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Available to NPS Faculty, Staff and Students. 

Internet Resources (Open Access)

Hard Copy Resources

Book Review Digest  Hard copy: 1920-2003   Reference Stacks AI 3 .B68
This tool provides the complete reference, a brief summary of each book indexed as well as references to sources that have done a review. A synopsis of each review is included. It is organized by author but also has indexing by title and subject.

Book Review Index  Hard copy: 1965-2006   Reference Stacks AI 3 .B7
This source is organized by author and has an index by title. It provides references to book reviews.

New York Times Book Review Index  Hard copy: 1896-1970   ABSTRACTS AI21 .N49
Indexed by book author, title, byline, subject, and "category" (literary genre).