Military Music & Sounds

Sources for Cadences

50 U.S. Army Running Cadences [Spotify]

Drum Cadences [US Navy] has a large selection of cadences from all the US services.

U.S. Army Marching and Running Cadences [words]

YouTube has a wide selection of cadences from various groups.


What is a Military Cadence or "Jody"?

Military cadence is a traditional call that is used as a song during running and marching formations. Cadences are used to instill teamwork, build camaraderie and to boost the morale of a unit. Cadence commands such as “left foot, right foot” keep the platoon synchronized while in a running formation. However, there is more to cadence than to just stay instep. Military cadence is also used to motivate and inspire military personnel to push through fatigue. [source]

"The two primary types of cadence calls are the marching cadences at 120 beats per minute, and running cadences which move at 10 beats per minute." [source]

 US military cadences are often dubbed "Jodys" or "Jody calls." [source