Civil Affairs and Rule of Law


Journal of National Security Law & Policy

2012, v. 6, no. 1

  • Preventive Detention in the Law of Armed Conflict: Throwing Away the Key?
  • Torture and the War on Terror: The Need for Consistent Definitions and Legal Remedies
  • Self-Restraint and National Security
  • The U.S.-China Incidents at Sea Agreement: A Recipe for Disaster
  • Can the President and Congress Establish a Legislative Veto Mechanism for Jointly Drawing Down a Long and Controversial War?
  • From Executive Order to Judicial Approval: Tracing the History of Surveillance of U.S. Persons Abroad in Light of Recent Terrorism Investigations
  • CIA and the Rule of Law
  • Dead Contractors: The Un-Examined Effect of Surrogates on the Public’s Casualty Sensitivity
  • Virtual Checkpoints and Cyber-Terry Stops: Digital Scans To Protect the Nation’s Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources



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