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Start with these search strings:  satellite jamming    or     satellite jammed

  • You may need to try alternative terms for jamming such as:

block, disrupt, negation

  • You may need truncation symbols, usually an asterisk (*) or sometimes an exclamation point (!)

jam*     or      jam!

  • Search terms for each database are suggested below.

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Access World News

  1. Search terms: satellite jammed
  2. Select the years you want
    Access World News


  1. Search terms: satellite signal jammed
  2. The timeframe filter focuses mainly on the most current (days, week, month), so you can let it default to "Anytime"
  3. The search results are displayed on a horizontally scrolling screen, so it's a little difficult to scan the results.

Nexis Uni

  1. Select the News button
  2. Search terms: satellite jamming
  3. You can refine by date after running the search

Nexis Uni search

  1. Search term: jammed


  1. Filter on top by News/Insight
  2. Filter on the left by Spacecraft and satellites
  3. You can refine by date after running the search

Jane's search

     Jane's filters



  1. Leave the default filter to "All" in case the source is a website, and not just News
  2. Go to Tools > Any time > Custom range to enter your date range
  3. Evaluate your results for reliable sources

    Internet search

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