Defense Acquisition Programs

Defense Acquisition Visibility Environment

The Defense Acquisition Visibility Environment (DAVE) provides Department of Defense personnel with access to accurate, authoritative, and reliable data to support acquisition oversight, insight, analysis, and decision-making. DAVE is the authoritative source for Program Information for major programs and provides access to data and capabilities that can give you material for analysis, as a student, and for doing your job, as an acquisition professional.  

The Acquisition Visibility Data Framework (AVDF), available via DAVE, can help you understand the data the department has under governance.  If you need to know how a data element is defined or what policy or regulation supports it, the AVDF can tell you.  Access the AVDF in the Resources section of DAVE.

Capabilities available in DAVE:

  • AIR – Acquisition Information Repository (AIR account required).  Access milestone documents for ACAT I and some lower ACAT programs.
  • DAMIR – Defense Acquisition Management Information Retrieval (DAMIR) (DAMIR account required).  Report; baseline; and view and use data via reports, queries, and analytical capabilities.  DAMIR includes program reporting data for ACAT I and special interest programs.  The data is grouped in defined use cases associated with the defense acquisition process: Congressional reporting data found in the Selected Acquisition Reports (SARs), resourcing data presented in the President’s Budget (PB) reports, and internal insight data and assessments provided in Defense Acquisition Executive Summaries (DAES).  The PB and DAES are sensitive, and students will only be given access on a case-by-case basis.  DAMIR also provides portfolio views of the data, standard data queries, and a web query function to support use of the data for analysis.
  • EVA – Earned Value Analysis (DAMIR account required).  See earned value trends.
  • Affordability – Report and analyze program affordability data.
  • SAR/MAR – Selected Acquisition Report/Major Automated Information System (MAIS) Annual Report (DAVE account required).  Access authoritative copies of submitted SARs and MARs in PDF format.
  • O&E – Obligations and Expenditures.  Compare obligations and expenditures.
  • MME – Minimum/Maximum/Economical Production Rate (DAVE account required).  View production efficiency assessments of equipment procurements projected in the President’s Budget. 
  • ADS – Acquisition Data Sets (DAVE account required).  Use Curated data sets to analyze programs and portfolios.
  • EVM-CR – Earned Value Management-Central Repository (EVM-CR account required).  Leverage centralized reporting, collection, and distribution of earned value data.
  • CADE – Cost Assessment Data Enterprise (CADE account required).  Access data and visualizations to support cost analysis.

To request access to DAVE and the tools in DAVE, NPS students, faculty, and staff should contact the NPS POC, Charles Pickar (  This is NOT a library resource and we cannot help you obtain access to it.

Cost/Data Books

THe following reference books are available in the Library or online, if a URL is provided below.

DOD Acquisition Sites

Service Acquisition Sites

This is a very selective list.

Program Office and Contractor Web Sites

If you are able to find the website of the program office and/or the contractor for the system or program you are researching, these can be a gold mine. Students are discouraged from attempting to contact the program officers, however.

You may need to do some digging to identify the program officer.  Often you can find this information using a search engine such as Google, but if you have difficulty try using the source listed below.