Defense Acquisition Programs

DOD Budget Materials

A good source of background information tracking a weapon/vehicle/system through the acquisition process to adoption.

You can find defense budget materials by fiscal year. For example:

  • Overview of the FYXX Defense Budget
  • Program Acquisition Costs by Weapons Systems
  • National Defense Budget Estimates for FYXX (Green Book)

Under the Budget Documents link on the left, you can find:

  • Procurement Programs (P-1)
  • Research Development, Test & Evaluation Programs (R-1)
  • Links to the services' budgets

There is also a link to Budget Hearing Material and more.

Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) - OUSD(C)

Budget of the United States Government

The Budget of the United States Government ("President's Budget") is a large multi-volume set prepared by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), which is the central budgeting agency that prepares the President's budget that gets submitted to Congress.  Current and past budgets from 1996-present can be found on the site below

The library has these in print in the FEDDOCS area on the first floor (call number PREX 2.8:).  The most recent budget is in the REFERENCE area:  HJ2051/A53).

Service Budget Pages

DOD Congressional Budget Data and Other Budget Info Available Through DTIC (new)

The sites below from the Defense Technical Information Center have a lot of useful defense budget information.  For even more, NPS students, faculty and staff should register for the R&E Gateway using the Login/Register link on the first DTIC site listed below.

Need More Defense Budget Information?

For additional resources for finding Defense budget information, see our Defense Budget Research Guide.

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