Defense Acquisition Programs

Defense Acquisition Visibility Environment (DAVE)

The Defense Acquisition Visibility Environment (DAVE) provides Department of Defense personnel with access to accurate, authoritative, and reliable data to support acquisition oversight, insight, analysis, and decision-making. DAVE is the authoritative source for Program Information for major programs and provides access to data and capabilities that can give you material for analysis, as a student, and for doing your job, as an acquisition professional.  

Capabilities in DAVE:

  • Acquisition Information Repository (AIR)
    (AIR account required)
    Access milestone documents for ACAT I and some lower ACAT programs.

  • Acquisition Visibility Data Framework (ADVF)
    Need to understand Acquisition data in context? The AVDF provides the Acquisition community a set of integrated products supporting the Acquisition Visibility Data Matrix (AVDM). The AVDF establishes a data standard for DoD that integrates existing AV data components within the context of a use case.

  • Cost & Funding Chart 
    Captures the primary acquisition and sustainment program budgets and funds-required estimates

  • Data Opportunities Visualization
    Identify sources of data to use in solving Acquisition problems

  • Data Sets
    Raw data for analysis

  • Program Submissions
    View or create Program Submissions, such as Program Identification Data (PID) submissions for Middle Tier of Acquisition (MTA) programs, Program Progress Submissions (PPS) , or Acquisition Program Baseline (APB) submissions.

  • Reference Environment for the Business of Acquisition (REBA)
    Information about Defense Acquisition data: where to find it, who has responsibility for it, what policies govern it, and more.

  • SAR/MAR Catalog
    Authoritative Selected Acquisition Report (SAR) and Major Automated Information System (MAIS) Annual Report (MAR) that were submitted to Congress

With links to other acquisition sites:

  • Cost Assessment Data Enterprise (CADE)
  • (CADE account required)
    Access data and visualizations to support cost analysis
  • Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS)
    Document contractor and grantee performance information
  • Defense Repository for Common Enterprise Data (ADVANA)
    Shared-service platform for all common enterprise data
  • Earned Value Management Central Repository (EVM-CR)
    Centralized reporting, collection, and distribution of Earned Value data
  • Federal Procurement Data System Next Generation (FPDS-NG)
    Authoritative source for summary-level Federal procurement data. US government-wide procurement data. It contains information on contracts whose estimated value is $3,000 or more or that may be $3,000 or more, including every modification to that contract, regardless of dollar value.
  • Milestone Document Identification (MDID)
    Statutory and regulatory information requirements tool
    Public access to information on how tax dollars are spent.


Cost/Data Books

THe following reference books are available in the Library or online, if a URL is provided below.

Other DOD Acquisition Sites

Service Sites

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