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Using this Guide

The Tabs above are to help you locate specific types of information needed for your research. The Quick Links and Related Research Resources on the left are additional sources to help you with your research. Some of the more essential tabs are:

  • Article & Reports - Sources and links to scholarly journal articles
  • Key Journals - Highlights some key scholarly journals
  • Books - Recommended readings and alternative sources for finding books
  • Theses - Both NPS and non-NPS theses and dissertations

Quick Search Tips

  • First, be as specific as possible
    Broaden your keywords if you don't get enough relevant results.
  • For exact phrases
    Use "quotation marks"
  • For acronyms or synonyms
    Use OR
  • For stemming or word variations
    Use an asterisk (*)  (Symbol may vary by database.)
    nav*  Finds navy, naval, navigation
    defen*e  Finds defense and defence
  • Limit your search with Advanced Search filters
    Examples:  Title only or Citation and Abstract, Date, Source, Subject Area, Location

Learn more about phrase, truncating, and wildcard searching. Includes cheat sheet for a variety of library research databases.

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