Defense Budget

Locate current and past U.S. federal and defense budgets, as well as track defense legislation, find budget figures, analyses, and topical research articles

What you will find on this page

This page provides sources to help you stay up on what's happening now with the Federal, Defense and Service budgets.

Inside Defense

Full-text access to Inside the Pentagon, Inside the Navy, Inside the Army, Inside the Air Force, and Inside Missile Defense. InsideDefense includes thousands of articles and documents, daily news and special reports on Defense Department programs, procurement and policymaking.  See particularly their Defense Budget Alert which is a frequently updated archive of documents related to the DOD budget process.

From Congresssional Quarterly

This free site allows you to track the status of U.S. federal legislation, and provides information on Members of Congress, Congressional Committees, and more. 

Commercial News Sources

Commercial and military/government news sites have articles on defense budget topics. A few commercial sites are listed below. Not listed individually are all of the major US papers, which are all good sources of defense budget articles.

Military News Sources