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Help with research; search strategies; finding books, articles, reports on a topic; finding NPS theses; citations & Zotero; library accounts and access

Quick Search Tips

  • First, be as specific as possible
    Broaden your keywords if you don't get enough relevant results.
  • For exact phrases
    Use "quotation marks"
  • For acronyms or synonyms
    Use OR
  • For stemming or word variations
    Use an asterisk (*)  (Symbol may vary by database.)
    nav*  Finds navy, naval, navigation
    defen*e  Finds defense and defence
  • Limit your search with Advanced Search filters
    Examples:  Title only or Citation and Abstract, Date, Source, Subject Area, Location

Learn more about phrase, truncating, and wildcard searching. Includes cheat sheet for a variety of library research databases.

Sign Up for a Workshop

The Graduate Writing Center (GWC) and the library offer a variety of research and writing workshops. They are usually offered during the first month of the quarter. Sign up today!


Some workshop examples -- these are just five of the many workshops offered.

  • Library Quick Start
  • Critical Thinking in Review
  • Mastering the Literature Review
  • Paraphrasing and Quoting Like a Pro
  • Citation Management with Zotero

Graduate Writing Center


Learn and develop your writing and critical thinking skills for success. Workshops, writing coaches, drop-in sessions, learning tools, and other resources.


Find Something You Need but We Don't Have It? You Can Submit a Request.

Request Article or Book
(Interlibrary Loan - ILL)

How to place a request 

  1. ​First, use the Library Search to see if we already have access. If we do, please check out or download the item yourself. You don't need to submit a request. (Course Reserves are available at the Information Desk.)
  2. Read the Copyright Notice.
  3. If you need to request the item, submit the Request Article or Book (Interlibrary Loan) form. First time user registration required

Article PDFs can arrive as quickly as 2-3 days. Print books can take 1-2 weeks or longer.


(3:59 min.)

Learn more about Interlibrary Loan.

Remote Access. How and When Do I Need to Login?

If you're off campus, choose the method of access that works for you:


  • Simply wait to login (NPS credentials) when when prompted



  • Go to My Accounts to login to the different services

Login Flowchart

remote access

You already have access to your Library Account, but you'll need to do a one-time registration for these separately:

Thesis Processing Office


Templates, forms, citations, SharePoint, Python dashboard, and more.