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We subscribe to many databases with articles on various aspects of innovation and design as applied to engineering and social issues.  A few of the key databases are listed below. 

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Try these search terms

Try some of these to get started:

  •   design thinking
  •   human centered design
  •   human-centered design
  •   human systems integration
  •   human-systems integration
  •   user centered design
  •   user-centered design

Note:  you might need to put phrases "in quotes".  Check out the Quick Search Tips box for database-specific tips!

Quick Search Tips

  • First, be as specific as possible
    Broaden your keywords if you don't get enough relevant results.
  • For exact phrases
    Use "quotation marks"
  • For acronyms or synonyms
    Use OR
  • For stemming or word variations
    Use an asterisk (*)  (Symbol may vary by database.)
    nav*  Finds navy, naval, navigation
    defen*e  Finds defense and defence
  • Limit your search with Advanced Search filters
    Examples:  Title only or Citation and Abstract, Date, Source, Subject Area, Location

Learn more about phrase, truncating, and wildcard searching. Includes cheat sheet for a variety of library research databases.

Full List of Databases

Google Scholar

Find journal articles and other scholarly content.

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