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NPS Theses and Capstone Projects

Conceptual and preliminary design of a low-cost precision aerial delivery system

Hall, Andrew B. [Date: 2016-06. Master of Science in Systems Engineering]


Strategic design for NORSOF 2025

Berg-Knutsen, Espen and Nancy Roberts [Date: 2015-07.  NPS Technical Report no. NPS-DA-15-001]


Insurgent Design: the re-emergence of al-Qa’ida from 9/11 to the present

Russo, Joshua A. [Date: 2015-12.  Master of Science in Defense Analysis]


Solving Homeland Security’s Wicked Problems: a Design Thinking Approach

Wyckoff, Kristin L. [Date: 2015-09.  Master of Arts in Security Studies (Homeland Security and Defense)]


Cast Iron versus Creativity: Fostering Balanced Thinking in Military Professionals

Laplante, Michael H. [Date: 2015-06. Master of Science in Defense Analysis]


Crowdsourced Formal Verification: a Business Case Analysis Toward a Human-centered Business Model

Baur, Andreas [Date: 2015-06. Master of Business Administration]


CA 2025: the strategic design of Civil Affairs

Hayes, Samuel L., Jr.; Nguyen, Ken [Date: 2015-06. Master of Science in Defense Analysis]


A case study of project ATHENA: tactical level technological innovation aboard the USS Benfold

Cannon, Christopher K. [Date: 2014-12.  Master of Science in Information Technology Management]


Designing incentives for Marine Corps cyber workforce retention

Hernandez, Lucas F.; Johnson, Derek K. [Date: 2014-12.  Master of Business Administration]


Digital hive project: prototyping a collaborative web portal for the explosive ordnance disposal community

Hayes, John J. [Date: 2014-06.  Master of Science in Defense Analysis]


Designing collaboration: how to prepare SOF augmentation teams for assignment to a U.S. embassy country team  

Jackson, Austin M.; Pusillo, Joshua A.; Smith, Steven A. [Date: 2014-06.  Master of Science in Defense Analysis]


A case study of introducing innovation through design

Johnston, Kevin L. [Date:2014-03.  Master of Science in Network Operations and Technology;Master of Science in Information Technology Management


A case study of managing information technology through design

Gavin, Michael A. [Date: 2013-06.  Master of Science in Information Technology Management]

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A case study of innovation and change in the U.S. Navy Submarine fleet

Hall, Thomas J. [Date: 2012-12.  Master of Science in Information Technology Management]


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