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Can I use text, photos, images, tables, graphics, and other works created by others in my paper/thesis?

The works of others are covered by a range of intellectual property rights from public domain to full copyright protection.

  • Public Domain
    You are free to use the piece in whatever capacity you choose. Most content from federal websites fall in the public domain. 
  • Copyright Protected
    • Fair Use Exemption
      Allows you to use pieces of copyright protected materials in your scholarship or research without getting permission from the owner of the work. Use the four criteria to help you determine if the exemption applies in your case.
    • Creative Commons Licenses 
      The six different license types allow you to freely and legally reuse images without getting permission from the copyright owner if you follow the terms of the license the owner has chosen.
  • Obtaining Permission when not covered under the Fair Use Exemption
    • Get written permission from the copyright owner. Include a statement in the Acknowledgements section indicating that you have permission to use the copyrighted material. The statement should include attribution as per the owner's requirements.