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Google Scholar

Find journal articles and other scholarly content.

Quick Search Tips

  • First, be as specific as possible
    Broaden your keywords if you don't get enough relevant results.
  • For exact phrases
    Use "quotation marks"
  • For acronyms or synonyms
    Use OR
  • For stemming or word variations
    Use an asterisk (*)
    nav*  Finds navy, naval, navigation
    defen*e  Finds defense and defence
  • Limit your search with Advanced Search filters
    Examples:  title only or citation and abstract, date, source, subject area, location

More Choices

Find a Specific Article

Enter the journal title (not the article title).

  1. Enter the journal title (not the article title).
  2. Click the journal title you want.
  3. Check the "Available from" dates.
  4. Fill in the boxes if you have the info, but okay to just click Go button 
    journal info blank boxes
  5. Search within the journal by the article title, author, year, etc.

Request Article or Book

Find something you need and we don't have it?


If you're a DL student, we'll also send library-owned materials to you.

Interlibrary Loan

Request article or book

Article pdfs can arrive as quickly as 2 or 3 days.

Print books take 7-10 days or more.

Find Articles on a Topic: Short Tutorial

Find a Specific Journal Article: Short Tutorial

Find a Specific Journal: Short Tutorial


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