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You will probably want to identify other books on your topic regardless of whether Dudley Knox Library owns them.  There are numerous ways to do this.  Below are a few suggestions.

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HF5001-6182 Business

HF5381-5386 Vocational guidance. Career development

HF5387-5387.5 Business ethics

HF5410-5417.5 Marketing. Distribution of products

HF5419-5422 Wholesale trade

HF5428-5429.6 Retail trade

HF5437-5444 Purchasing. Selling. Sales personnel. Sales executives

HF5546-5548.6 Office management

HF5548.7-5548.85 Industrial psychology

HF5549-5549.5 Personnel management. Employment management

HF5601-5689 Accounting. Bookkeeping

HF5691-5716 Business mathematics. Commercial arithmetic Including tables, etc.



HB1-3840 Economic theory. Demography

HB71-74 Economics as a science. Relation to other subjects

HB131-147 Methodology

HB135-147 Mathematical economics. Quantitative methods Including econometrics, input-output analysis, game theory

HB201-206 Value. Utility

HB221-236 Price

HB238-251 Competition. Production. Wealth

HB501 Capital. Capitalism

HB522-715 Income. Factor shares

HB535-551 Interest

HB601 Profit

HB615-715 Entrepreneurship. Risk and uncertainty. Property

HB801-843 Consumption. Demand

HB846-846.8 Welfare theory

HB848-3697 Demography. Population. Vital events

HB3711-3840 Business cycles. Economic fluctuations

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  2. Read the Copyright Notice.
  3. If you need to request the item, submit the Request Article or Book (Interlibrary Loan) form. First time user registration required

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