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What is Navy Knowledge Online

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What is Navy Knowledge Online?
The Navy has voiced a commitment to education and learning in order to empower Naval personnel to excel professionally and personally. Navy Knowledge Online (NKO), as a portal for Navy career management, personal development, leadership and learning came out of that commitment.


Who may use Navy Knowledge Online?
NKO access is restricted to CAC access only. The only access will be through NMCI, OneNet and other CAC enabled Computers.  All guest accounts have been deactivated.  Retirees & dependents of all types will not have access to NKO unless they have a CAC.  


What can you do with Navy Knowledge Online?
NKO is intended as "portal" site for Naval Personnel which can be customized for displayed content, based on rank, NEC, duty station, time in service, and other data, according to the site. NKO includes Navy career tools, leadership resources and reference materials for educational purposes. 


Where is the NKO licensed content?
Click the tab on the far right of the NKO page marked "Reference" to access licensed content. A column on the left sorts the available content into general areas of interest such as "Econtent - Engineering" and "Econtent - Genealogy" and "Econtent - Kids". Content includes downloadable audio books, music and eBooks, as well as useful content drawn from the free web.


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