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What is My Navy Portal

My Navy Portal (MNP) [formerly Navy Knowledge Online - NKO]

What is My Navy Portal?
The Navy announced Feb. 17, 2017, that it is beginning a beta test of a new web portal designed to aggregate several personnel, training and education websites into one location. The goal of My Navy Portal (MNP) is to provide Sailors a single portal with which they can manage their careers from the day they join to the day they separate. Today, the places Sailors go to access their personnel information is spread across a multitude of websites. Over time, that capability will be integrated into My Navy Portal. Sailors should see continued improvement with each software update to My Navy Portal, expected quarterly. Upon competition of the beta test, My Navy Portal will be launched Fleet wide and be available to Sailors as the central on-line location for their personnel information. This is the first step in providing a one-stop shop for Sailors to access their personnel information. Sailors deserve a modern personnel system and we are committed to giving it to them. NKO was retired on April 14, 2017. (from MNP Factsheet).

Who may use My Navy Portal?
MNP access is restricted to CAC access only. Use DOD EMAIL/Signature Certificate

What can you do with MyNavy Portal?
My Navy Portal (MNP) content is based on real tasks that Sailors need to perform to manage their Navy careers. Information in MNP is divided into 11 categories called Navy Career & Life Events (CLEs). When all the CLEs are fully developed (by 2020), Sailors will be guided through a task-based process to view their data, complete associated tasks, and find help or support if they need it. The 11 CLE categories in MNP are:
1. New to the Navy
2. Advancement & Promotion
3. Assignment, Leave, Travel
4. Career Continuation
5. Collateral Duty
6. Deployment
7. Pay & Benefits
8. Performance
9. Sailor & Family Support
10. Retirement & Separation
11. Training, Education, Qualifications

Where is the Navy MWR Digital Library?
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