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Microsoft Academic Search Author Profile

Microsoft Academic Search automatically creates a profile for authors who have published in the universe it searches.  Therefore it is a good idea for scholars to check their profile and make any needed changes.  You may find that there is more than one profile for you.  If so, you can edit and merge them.

To edit your profile you will need to sign in to Academic Search using your Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook or Google credentials .  To do so, go to and click on the link to "Sign in".

A note about currency:

Microsoft Academic Search was recently completely retooled (Summer 2017). Read about the changes.

Benefits include:

  • Listing and linking to your scholarly publications
  • See who is citing your publications
  • Graph citations to your publications over time
  • Easily find profiles (and hence the work of) co-authors and their co-authors
  • "Follow" scholars of interest
  • Embed your profile and list of publications on other web pages

What you can't do:

  • Create a detailed vita.  However, you can link out to other sites such as your vita on the NPS site and your LInkedIn account.
  • Upload actual documents to your profile
  • Fewer citation metrics than some other services

A word of caution: 

As in a wiki, anyone who logs into Microsoft Academic can edit your profile and publication information. All the more reason to be proactive and monitor your information!

Microsoft Academic Search Helpful Links

Articles about Microsoft Academic Search

Microsoft Academic Search is not as well-known or used as much as Google Scholar.  Below are some articles that may help to explain why. However, we've been hearing good things about the recently retooled Microsoft Academic Search, so these articles may be less on point now.