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Using Google Scholar citations to improve access to your publications and automatically compile citation metrics

Google Scholar Citations

Google Scholar

Use Google Scholar Citations to create an author profile. Benefits include:

  • Listing and linking to your scholarly publications
  • See who is citing your publications
  • Graph citations to your articles over time,
  • Compute citation metrics
  • Make your profile public and it will appear in Google results when people search for your name. They will be able to easily see your publications and your metrics, and will be able to "follow" your new articles! 
  • Google Scholar is also a "community" in that when you associate your name with your research interests, you can find the Google Scholar Citations profiles of others with similar interests.

What you can't do:

  • Provide detailed information on your past positions, degree, etc.  Definately not a replacement for a detailed vitae, focus is on citation metrics and linking to others with similar interests.
  • Upload actual documents to your profile

A google account is required to create a profile.  If you don't have one, you can create one.

Google Scholar vs. Science & Social Science Citation Indices

When it comes to citation metrics, the Web of Science (Science and Social Science Citation Indices) is often considered the "Gold Standard." This excellent blog article explains why Google Scholar's metrics are also valid, and in some cases, superior. 

Google Scholar Citations Helpful Links

Tracking My Citations in Google Scholar (Video)

This short video from Dowling Library walks you through setting up your Google Scholar Citations profile.