Defense Budget

Sources for researching current and past federal and defense budget legislation

What you will find on this page

This page provides sources to help you research current and historical defense legislation, both tracking the legislative process and viewing the text of legislation. Senate and Congressional committee web sites can also be useful.  See the tab in this guide for Congressional Links.

From Congresssional Quarterly

Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports on Defense Authorization and Appropriation Bills

CRS produces numerous reports about the Defense budget, bills, etc.  See particularly the detailed one they produce each year on the Defense Authorization and Appropriations bills for that year, with the  title Defense: FY**** Authorization and Appropriations.  Those for the past five years are linked below with their report numbers.   

Annual Tables With Bill and Law Numbers, Approval Dates, etc.

The sources below are useful for tracking the passage of defense budget legislation in a given year from initiation in Congress through to signing of the final law by the President.  Each presents the information a little differently, so it can be helpful to review them all.  Most will also link to the full text of each bill, report, law, etc.

Legislation & Records

Legislation & Records
This U.S. Senate web site has a lot of useful links for researching current and past legislation. 

Full Text of Legislation and Other Congressional Materials

Listed below are some good sources for finding the full text of bills, public laws, Congressional conference and committee reports, and legislative histories of US public laws.