Defense Budget

Sources to get started finding information on the defense budgets of other countries.

What you will find on this page

This page links to resources for getting started researching the defense budget and budgeting process for other countries. NPS students researching this topic will probably have to rely heavily on information available from their personal contacts and from appropriate government agency websites of the country they are researching.

TOP CHOICE!: Use Jane's to find international defense budgets

This is probably the best source we subscribe to for in-depth defense budget information for other countries. It takes a number of clicks to get there, but it's worth it!  Directions below:

  • From the main Jane's page, click Products/Defence Budgets
  • On the left, select the Country
  • Click Budget in Full
  • Click the name of the country

See the "Jane's Defence Budget Reference Guide" box below for a detailed handout about using Jane's to find defence budget information.

Jane's Defence Budget Reference Guide

This guide from Jane's walks you through how to find detailed defense budget information for a wide variety of countries.

Finding General Background on Government/Politics

Below is a selective list of sources with general information on the government and politics of other countries, since this is often important context for understanding a country's defense budget environment and decision-making process.

Other Sources With International Defense Budget & Expenditure Information

None of these provide in-depth defense budget information, but depending on the angle you are researching you may find them to be useful.