Data Management at NPS

Repositories for public access publications & data.

Where Should I Archive Data?

Five steps to decide what data to keep.

Where you archive and provide public access to your data may be discipline-specific.  This page lists a variety of national and international repositories.  At this time neither the US Navy nor NPS has a centralized data warehouse -- most data is on departmental or principle investigator servers and webpages.

Calhoun, the NPS Institutional Archive, is available to host your NPS publications and their associated datasets.  The Library can ingest your dataset and assign you a permanent handle/URL that can be submitted with your manuscript.  We will work with NPS researchers on suitable embargo periods for the release of data until post-publication. 

The Research Data Curation Bibliography by Charles W. Bailey, Jr., covers all aspects of data creation, curation, reuse and preservation (NOTE:  Broken link due to DNS errors 10/2017; working on resolving this issue).


Publication Repositories

Data Repositories