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Many databases (including the Library Search) allow you to create a personalized account where you can mark and save items, save searches, and create alerts for them. Look for "Login" or "My Research" or similar in the upper right corner.

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Ebook Central

One of our ebook providers has limits on the number of pages you can download or copy from an ebook at a time (usually 10% of the entire book). Then you would need to wait a full 24 hours before you can download the next set of pages, and so on.

You do have the option of downloading the entire book for 21 days, but it requires creating an Adobe account, and installing a free piece of software. Also, if you have taken any notes using the software, they will disappear after you check in the book.

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DTIC Databases

The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) is an excellent resource for discovering documents in all areas of defense research (science, technology, engineering, social science, business & budget), DOD directives & instructions. DTIC is the central scientific, research, and engineering information support activity for the DOD.

There are two DTIC databases.

  • DTIC (publicly releasable)

    • You can use the search box at the top of the page to search the DOD S&T Reports. (The other archives listed on the page need to be searched separately.
    • DTIC (publicly releasable) has limited search filtering capabilities. For a better search experience, you can use the National Technical Reports Library, or if you are eligible, register and use the DTIC R&E Gateway and look for "A - Approved for Public Release" documents.

  • DTIC R&E Gateway (access controlled)

    • Contains both Controlled Unclassified Information and publicly releasable content together. Available to DOD and federal government employees and their contractors only, and requires registration.

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