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Library Search is an excellent place to start your library research

Library Search

The Library Search is an excellent place to start your library research. You can find articles, reports, books, ebooks, theses, journals, and much more, all from a single search box.

A good tool for

  • Getting a broad overview of the sources we have available on your topic
  • Searching for a specific article, book, or journal

What does it search?

  • Library-owned materials or subscribed content and beyond

(6:28 min.)

When to use a different search tool

Table of Contents 

Use filters to refine your search results

Smart application of filters help narrow your results to a manageable number.

Library Search filters

You can choose to see only what's available online, or physical items. Use these filters carefully. For example, if you only choose "Scholarly Articles" you may be excluding some highly relevant technical reports that aren't categorized under "scholarly."



Include or Exclude

You can include or exclude almost all the filters. Be careful with excluding types like "Text Resources" or "Other" as you may inadvertently exclude useful items. Here's an example showing how to exclude Reviews.

excluding filters

Newspaper Search

Newspapers are searched separately.

Find the search link in the filters:

Newspapers search filter

or at the bottom of the results page:

Newspapers search

no online access link

online access available

Use the date filter to find more recent items.

date filter

Use these two filters to find ebooks:

Ebook filters

Get the full text

  • Click the green "Available Online" link or the title link to open the full record
  • Go to the "Find Online" section
  • Sometimes you get more than one option
  • Check the coverage dates
  • Click the database link that has the coverage dates you need


Include items my library doesn't have, but that I can request

Even though your search may return thousands of hits, the results may not be quite what you're looking for. You can expand your search beyond what we have, and include items you can request from other libraries.

modify results check box

  1. Click
    How to get it link
  2. Login if you haven't already
    Library Search login
  3. Click the link and submit a request
    request article link


Find something you need but we don't have it? You can submit a request.

Request Article or Book
(Interlibrary Loan - ILL)

How to place a request 

  1. ​First, use the Library Search to see if we already have access. If we do, please check out or download the item yourself. You don't need to submit a request. (Course Reserves are available at the Information Desk.)
  2. Read the Copyright Notice.
  3. If you need to request the item, submit the Request Article or Book (Interlibrary Loan) form. First time user registration required

Article PDFs can arrive as quickly as 2-3 days. Print books can take 1-2 weeks or longer.


DL Students,

We’ll also send library-owned print materials to you.

  • We will ship to you at no cost.
  • You are responsible for the small cost of shipping items back to us. Please return items via Priority Mail allowing enough time for the item to arrive by the due date.

How to register:

  • Fill out the entire form
  • Enter [ -DL ] after your last name
  • Use the email you regularly read
  • Include a phone number
  • Ensure your shipping address is correct
  • Enter [ Distance Student ] for your Status
  • Include your curriculum name and number

(3:59 min.)

Learn more about Interlibrary Loan.

Recall a book

If you want a book, but it's checked out, you can recall the item (excluding Course Reserves).

checked out item

recall item


Library Search login

Logging in gets you:

  • Complete results
  • Immediate access to our subscription content
  • Ability to request items
  • Access to your library account (book loans and renewals, favorites, saved searches, alerts)

Pin Favorites, Save Searches & Search History

You can pin to your favorites, and save your searches. The system also preserves your search history. 

Your favorites will stay in the system until you graduate, and no longer have a library account.

1. Pin a record


2. Go to see your pinned records



3. My Favorites = Save Records, Saved Searches, Search History



Databases Not in Library Search

Some of our databases are not included in the Library Search. You will need to search these databases directly and individually using the links below, or go to our Article & Research Databases page

Find journals, newspapers, magazines

journal titles search

Journal titles searchSearch by title

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