Primary/Original Sources

Suggested resources for finding primary or original source materials to support NS and DA courses

Primary Sources

Sources for Primary or Original Source Documents

Use the tabs to find specific types of materials.  It will likely be necessary to use more than one as the commercial databases cover a wide variety of topics and regions.

  • Government Sources - US government agencies (e.g. State, Office of the President and more)
  • Commercial Sources - purchases sources of declassified government documents on a wide variety of subjects
  • Military Sources - US military agencies and by conflict
  • FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] - documents declassified by request
  • Open Sources - publicly available collections
  • United Nations - official UN, General Assembly and Security Council documents
  • Oral Histories - transcripts of interviews with diplomatic personnel
  • Country/Regional - world regions and specific countries
  • Terrorism - captured collections and transcriptions of released statements
  • Treaties - sources for US and multinational treaties and agreements