Middle East

This includes general, military, economic, demographic, law enforcement and more.

Country Statistics - Broad

Looking for Statistical Information?

For sources that provide wide coverage on a number of topics use the box to the left. For more extensive coverage go to our Statistics Guide.


Crime & Drugs - for information about crime rates including, illicit drugs, human smuggling, theft, homicide and more.

Demographics - for population, size, life expectancy, education, literacy and more.

Economic, Financial & Trade - for GDP, income, national accounts, trade statistics, imports, exports and more

Energy - this is useful when looking for energy production or consumption of oil, petroleum, coal, natural gas, electricity etc.

Immigration - for legal and illegal immigration and deportation statistics.

Military & Terrorism - when you are looking for conflicts, coups, military forces, order of battle, defense expenditures, peacekeeping etc. 

Religion - for information about the breakdown of religions in Latin American countries