Learn how to get started with the citation management software, Zotero

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  • Helps researchers to collect, organize, verify & fix citations, and cite in Word
  • Is open source software with 300 MB of storage for free
  • Works with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems

The 80% Solution

Although Zotero automates many processes for you, the output isn't always 100% correct. You will need to be familiar enough with your style so that you can verify and fix the formatting in Zotero before you use the citations in your document.

How the Zotero parts relate and sync with each other

How the Zotero parts work together

Can I use Zotero on NPS library and lab computers?

When on networked computer, you can add and edit items in your online zotero.org library, but you cannot use it to cite in Word.

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