Backup your library

Zotero strongly recommends you back up your library.

Syncing is not the same as backing up because only the most recent version is stored in the cloud (your zotero.org account). If you accidentally delete something from your library, it is irretrievable.

Add additional email address as backup

Add an additional email address so you can continue access if your original email account becomes inactive.

Go to zotero.org > Settings > Account

add email to account


You can buy more storage beyond the free 300MB limit.

Storage Limit Cost (USD)
300 MB Free
2 GB $20/year
6 GB $60/year
Unlimited $120/year

Attach to file or URI

You can reduce the amount of storage you use by removing your PDFs from Zotero, and linking to them instead. Remember that you will then lose the ability to search your PDFs.

Use the paperclip icon.